CAEC (Computer Aided Engineering Commitee) steers the activities concerning tools and support for computer aided mechanical engineering and related fields at CERN. To this aim it requests and controls the budget covering the purchase and maintenance of standardized software. CAEC reports to the CERN Directorate and Departments concerned.

CAEC shall cover the following areas (here: CAE):

  • Mechanical computer aided engineering
  • Mechanical finite element analysis
  • Electromagnetic field calculation programs
  • Engineering data management systems (EDMS, PDM, PLM)

CAEC shall represent the above mentioned areas towards CERN management, in particular to plan and to set priorities on investments and resource needs (hardware, software, training, development, testing, consulting) and to supervise their efficient use. CAEC shall advise the support and user groups on the allocation of personnel resources in related matters;

CAEC shall define and supervise the implementation of rules for coherent use and working methods of the CAE tools at CERN, and provide guidelines to institutes collaborating in CERN projects. CAEC shall define the policies for control, access and training for the use of CERN CAE tools. CAEC shall advise CAE support and users on the selection and use of non-standardized software and hardware when the standard tools are not appropriate for specific tasks;

CAEC shall co-ordinate the deployment of CAE tools and their new versions at CERN, including the possible customization and development of the tools for CERN needs. CAEC shall give advice on the choice of platforms and operating systems for the CAE tools;

CAEC shall co-ordinate commercial and technical relations between CERN and CAE suppliers, and it shall pursue active analysis on the CAE tools available on the market and their applicability with respect to the CERN needs.

CAEC shall act as central body between CAE users, managers and support at CERN.

CAEC shall elaborate and propose CERN's long term strategy for CAE tools and monitor its implementation.

Created 25 May 2009, latest update 2 September 2010 by AO

EDMS: 1001439